Special Shielding

​We offer lead and duct shielding products for vault upgrades as well as new installations. We can provide lead, steel, polyethylene, or a combination of these materials to insure the most practical and cost efficient shielding solution for your individual needs. Parrott Shielding has completed projects throughout the United States, Canada and overseas. Our competitive pricing will assure you that you are indeed receiving the best product available today at a very cost effective price.

It is our acute attention to detail at every level that distinguishes Parrott Shielding from all the rest.

When clients choose Parrott Shielding for a single service they still benefit from the overall knowledge of the entire process that we bring to the table. Our clients can be sure that the myriad of details have been effectively addressed. Parrott Shielding leaves no detail overlooked.

Sliding Doors

Swinging Doors

Our team has installed more than 2,000 high-energy shielded swing doors, all of which continue to perform reliable in varied locations around the world, no doubt due to the fact that our swing doors are performance-engineered to exacting standards. In fact, every one of our swing doors is covered by Parrott Shielding’s exclusive warranty.

Parrott Shielding manufactures swing doors to suit all applications, small or large. Other swing door features are:

  • Steel Construction
  • Triple-Weight Hinges
  • Interlock Switched
  • Electrically Powered Opening/Closing Devices
  • Emergency Opening
  • Removable Back for Shielding Updates
  • Warranty

The space-saving design of our Direct-Shielded sliding doors has revolutionized accelerator room configuration. Our compact Direct-Shielded door eliminates the need for the traditional concrete maze floor plan. Our sliding door allows for a smaller vault size, freeing up valuable space for other center functions. Other benefits include closer patient contact and smoother patient flow.

Our sliding doors are durable, yet attractive, and complement the architectural aesthetics of the treatment center. Other Parrott Shielding sliding door features include:

  • Fast, quite dependable operation
  • Low voltage, switching circuitry
  • Totally concealed operator
  • Emergency operation
  • Interlock switches
  • Safety sensors
  • Removable back for shielding upgrades
  • Custom units
  • Warranty